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Snow update from the Lake of the Ozarks

February 2nd, 2011 7:38 AM by Mike and Susie Berra

Published: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 6:10 AM CST
LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. ( -- The blizzard of the decade consumed the lake area Tuesday slapping workers and homeowners in the face with whiteout conditions. By first light the snow began to fall pushed by winds that could rip a snow shovel out of the hands of homeowners that prematurely tried to make a mark on nature's wrath at the lake’s front. By the afternoon, neighbors asked, "How much snow do you think we've gotten?" as they waded through drifts waist deep only 20 feet from bare grass.


Reports of docks partially sinking began streaming in by early afternoon. It began with older, residential structures going down first. But as the day continued, snow piled up and wind blew drifts across dock roofs causing marinas and condos to become increasingly at risk. Reports of partially sunken docks came in from readers near Bridgview Marina, Mungenast Marina (now Formula Boats of Missouri), and The Ledges Condominiums. As night fell commercial docks, in some cases with encapsulated foam and walkways partially submerged, were held above water by boatlifts. According to Jeff Green with Ameren Missouri, it is important that homeowners do NOT drop their boatlifts if their dock is weighed down by significant snow accumulation. The Water Patrol has reported residential docks flipped over, but it is unclear how widespread the event has been. More will be known as day breaks Wednesday morning.


Snowplows with tire chains ended up in ditches alongside many drivers attempting to navigate the chaos. Slick highways caused a tractor-trailer to slide sideways blocking Highway 52, while other semis slid off of Highway 54 near Denny's and at the Y Road overpass.

Emergency responders and workers attempting to help motorists and residents found themselves calling for assistance as they repeatedly got stuck and dinged. An ambulance was swallowed by the snow late Tuesday morning on Route W, a MoDOT truck got hit by a motorist on Highway 54 near Bullseye, a City of Lake Ozark truck got stuck on Bagnell Dam, and police, fire and road and bridge personnel called out for assistance all day Tuesday, into the night and early morning hours. At one point, the Missouri Department of Transportation and local utility companies pulled their vehicles off the road until conditions improved.

Statewide, Highways 44 and 70 were closed and the Missouri National Guard called up more than 600 service members spread over three task forces throughout the state.

Despite record snowfall, Ameren Missouri and Co-Mo Electric Cooperative did not report significant outages, since ice remained light.

While it caused its fair share of problems, families nostalgic about a record snow across the lake area took the opportunity to play. Children broke out the winter toys, made snowmen and broke out the sleds as mom and dad took pictures confident of at least a couple days off of school and work.

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Posted by Mike and Susie Berra on February 2nd, 2011 7:38 AM



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